Dog Behaviour Consultations

Penny  runs behavioural consultations at her premises which are private and ideal for working with a dog which is fearful of people or other dogs. These sessions involve one of Penny’s assistants who will be there to work Penny’s dogs, the canine team. The canine team are used to working with reactive dogs. There are five members of the canine team, all with different characters which can really help a dog who is struggling to communicate or who has become aggressive through fear and misunderstanding.

Dog Behaviour – Your Initial Consultation

The first session begins with a sit down chat so we can understand the dog a little better. The dog will then be taken into the field to be observed with you. When it is deemed appropriate one of the dog team will be slowly and calmly introduced to the dog, usually at some distance. The idea is to upset the dog as little as possible. The stooge dogs are highly skilled. Some dogs may need to wear a muzzle for these sessions and Penny will usually give advice as to how to associate the dog positively with wearing a muzzle prior to the session .The client will be given strategies to work on.

What Happens Next.

The final part of the session is to discuss the way forward for rehabilitation. A follow up 1 hour session will be arranged usually a fortnight or so following the initial consultation. The dog may also be able to join a group session as and when Penny feels it would be appropriate for the dog to do so, see specialist social skills training here. The assessment will be honest and every effort will be made to achieve the clients goals.

Dog Behaviour – Home Visits

If you are struggling with your dog’s behaviour Penny may be able to arrange home visits. Information about the history of the dog is very important. If a vet has not referred the dog to Penny she may request a veterinary check up prior to the visit as a large proportion of severe behavioural cases have a root clinical cause. A home visit typically lasts 2-3 hours. Following Penny’s observations a behavioural modification program will be drawn up, follow-up emails or telephone support are included in the one off fee. Further appointments can be arranged to assess progress and provide further help as necessary. These can be arranged either at your home or at the training venue and will be at an additional cost.

Specialist Social Skills Obedience

PLEASE NOTE:  These are invitation only, an assessment/call with Penny is needed prior to these training sessions and they are on going fortnightly Tuesday sessions 9:30 & 11:00 – Please DO NOT fill out an enrolment form.

This program works in two stages.

Stage 1 – Dogs start in small groups working in 1 acre field at comfortable distance to eachother.

• Cued Behaviours which may help in situations when th dog is exposed to stimuli which triggers a reaction we deem to be undesirable.
• Exposing dogs gently and calmy to other dogs within their own capability.
• Some one to one exercises whilst the other dogs are put away, this encourages interaction of group members who learn from each other and support each other.
• Owning a reactive dog can be socially isolating so this class addressed the needs of the owners as well as the dogs.
• Owners are helped to understand their own dogs needs through effective communication.

Stage two
Dogs progress to working in a group in closer proximity to others. They work on our Levels Obedience challenges but with a slant on recognising the limitations of each dog and with more behavioural science input to help owners further understand their dog. Owners are encouraged to participate actively within the group to continue to support each other.
Dog Help, Social Skills development

Meet the stooge dog team

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Client Success Stories

Zeus is a 4 year old German Shorthaired Pointer, who first started training with Penny at 4months old. Having developed a reactive personality, from being bitten as a puppy, she took his desire to work to keep him focused when times were tough. Always focusing on positive reinforcement when working with Zeus and helping to train us to teach him. When he first started training it was difficult to find a key motivator to reward him with, but after some excellent one to one lessons Penny soon helped us to identify these, which further helped develop his training.Zeus is currently enjoying life in the Highlands of Scotland, and whilst we’ve not seen Penny in a while, we’ve taken all the lessons she taught us to enable Zeus to be less reactive towards other dogs, be more focused on the task at hand and to be an asset when out on the mountains.

Dog Help, ZeusZeus, developed a reactive personality, from being bitten as a puppy.

Following one to one sessions Isla joined Social group. We knew Isla was never going to be an angel but her owner learnt how to read her and how to help her cope in stressful situations. Gradually their relationship flourished. Isla became more trusting and though still reactive to some dogs she generally has great walks with her owner. Much has been about managing Isla both at home and out. Recently she has been trying her hand at Rally Obedience following a season of Agility fun. Isla is a natural . She is really enjoying the mental stimulation and her owner finds all the moves she is learning are giving her things she can do with Isla when the going is tough.

Dog Help IslaIsla's Story, - She was reactive to everything which she perceived to be a threat.

After attending various groups and with careful handling and apt socialisation from his owner Dusty is becoming the little pet dog the family always wanted. He attend Social group and Rally Obedience gaining confidence all the way.

Dog Help logoDusty's Story, - He was very very vocal and frightened of people and dogs.