General Training Consultations

One to one sessions helping with an understanding what motivates your dog so we can help with lead walking, recalls and general obedience.

We work with all breeds of dog of any age.

Whatever the breed of your dog , are you struggling to harness its natural drive and instincts so you have a dog who does not listen off lead, pulls on a lead and is a struggle when taken out for a walk?  Our one to one sessions can help with general training issues to help make your dog walks pleasurable.
Using kind and positive methods as always we can show you how to maintain better connection with your dog on a walk . One to one sessions can be tailored to you and your dogs needs. We like to pride ourselves on training the owner and dog in front of us. There is no ONE SIZE FITS ALL approach. You will be coached in the skills to help you to understand why your dog struggles to keep calm in outdoor environments. We can help teach you techniques to improve recalls lead walking and over excitability . (Please note we no longer deal with behavioural issues manifesting themselves in aggressive responses to dogs and humans).
Dog Help general training

Client Success Stories

Zeus is a 4 year old German Shorthaired Pointer, who first started training with Penny at 4months old. Having developed a reactive personality, from being bitten as a puppy, she took his desire to work to keep him focused when times were tough. Always focusing on positive reinforcement when working with Zeus and helping to train us to teach him. When he first started training it was difficult to find a key motivator to reward him with, but after some excellent one to one lessons Penny soon helped us to identify these, which further helped develop his training.Zeus is currently enjoying life in the Highlands of Scotland, and whilst we’ve not seen Penny in a while, we’ve taken all the lessons she taught us to enable Zeus to be less reactive towards other dogs, be more focused on the task at hand and to be an asset when out on the mountains.

Dog Help, ZeusZeus, developed a reactive personality, from being bitten as a puppy.

Following one to one sessions Isla joined Social group. We knew Isla was never going to be an angel but her owner learnt how to read her and how to help her cope in stressful situations. Gradually their relationship flourished. Isla became more trusting and though still reactive to some dogs she generally has great walks with her owner. Much has been about managing Isla both at home and out. Recently she has been trying her hand at Rally Obedience following a season of Agility fun. Isla is a natural . She is really enjoying the mental stimulation and her owner finds all the moves she is learning are giving her things she can do with Isla when the going is tough.

Dog Help IslaIsla's Story, - She was reactive to everything which she perceived to be a threat.

After attending various groups and with careful handling and apt socialisation from his owner Dusty is becoming the little pet dog the family always wanted. He attend Social group and Rally Obedience gaining confidence all the way.

Dog Help logoDusty's Story, - He was very very vocal and frightened of people and dogs.