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Gunners Story

I first met Gunner as an 18 month old rescue English Mastiff. He came into my field dragging his owner on three leads! He could not be near any dog other than the little Spaniel he lived with.

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Gunners owners were determined he was not to be returned to rescue. They attended one to one sessions for a while and gradually Gunner accepted the training dogs. He was then invited to Social groups and on social walks. Meantime he attended Obedience courses. We used to smile at him as he could only ever cope with about 30 minutes of training before he switched off and laid down. Gunner improved gradually and went on to really enjoy social group. He befriended many dogs and helped to keep the peace if a difficult dog was getting too excited. His confidence grew so he was easier to manage on a walk and became more at ease at home. Sadly we lost Gunner in 2015.



Chester's Story

Rescued spaniel at 8 years old. He had been kept in a yard for years. He was very fat and got incredibly stressed when out on a walk. All he wanted to do was run off and hunt. He had no idea how to focus on his new owners and life with Chester was getting very difficult

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Following a few one to one sessions working on long line training and focus Chester started coming to gundog classes. He is still attending. He has become much easier when on walks. His owners have learnt how to harness his hunting skills in a better way. He is responding to a whistle recall and now a sit on whistle.



Isla's Story

JRT x collie. When I was first introduced to Isla she would have taken my hand off and she could not be anywhere near another dog. She was reactive to everything which she perceived to be a threat.

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Following one to one sessions Isla joined Social group. We knew Isla was never going to be an angel but her owner learnt how to read her and how to help her cope in stressful situations. Gradually their relationship flourished. Isla became more trusting and though still reactive to some dogs she generally has great walks with her owner. Much has been about managing Isla both at home and out. Recently she has been trying her hand at Rally Obedience following a season of Agility fun. Isla is a natural . She is really enjoying the mental stimulation and her owner finds all the moves she is learning are giving her things she can do with Isla when the going is tough.



Wiggins Story

A Sprocker, first came to me for one to one training as a puppy as his owners were just blown away as to how energetic and naughty he was. They had no intention of working Wiggins as such at the time.

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Following one to one they attended gundog classes as they could see that Wiggins needed a job to do. It soon became clear that he was a very talented dog. Quick to learn and eager to get on with it. His owners were taught the art of Clicker training which helped Wiggins quick brain to ascertain what exactly was needed. He attended Agility classes but this almost proved too much as he was so fast and became quite frustrated that his Mum wasn’t keeping up!! Wiggins has just worked his first season picking up on a local shoot. He has found his niche in life .



Dusty's Story

Dusty came to classes as a puppy. He was very very vocal and frightened of people and dogs. He did not even like his owners husband!!

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After attending various groups and with careful handling and apt socialisation from his owner Dusty is becoming the little pet dog the family always wanted. He attend Social group and Rally Obedience gaining confidence all the way.



Becca's Story

A Golden Retriever, sdopted as a failed Guide dog Becca had been brought up in a fairly restricted manner as is necessary for this type of working dog. When her career came to an abrupt halt Beccas experienced adopted Mum decided she needed to be allowed to relax a bit but Becca had no recall and no understanding how to be a pet dog.

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So Mum learnt how to use Clicker at one of our workshops and began to attend our Fun gundog classes where Becca learnt to play with toys and dummies. She responded well and began to really show a talent for all the gundog skills. She also really enjoyed Agility. She smiles the whole time she is running. Last year Becca did a walk to raise money for Guide Dogs. She was off lead across moorland and hills the entire time and did not put a foot wrong. She is a truly amazing dog.