Fun Gundog Training For All Dogs

New term starts Saturday 6th February and Wednesday 10th February 2021

Fun Gundog training courses are designed to teach owners how to work with their dogs natural instincts. By learning what motivates their dog a relationship forges which in turn helps to improve responses when out an about. We take any breed of dog in these courses. indeed at present we have a Jack Russel, a Doberman and a Bull lurcher all working well at different levels.

For those who wish to work their dogs in the field for sport or tests these courses help you to expose your dogs to the distractions of other dogs, helping them to develop steadiness around others and building confidence in handler and dog.

Beginners and Beginners Plus

What we work on:

• Maintaining focus in an exciting environment
• The Whistle for recall and stop
• Retrieving. Basic principles of returning to owner and delivering the toy
• Using play to teach your Gundog.
• Hunting for something with the owner
• Steadiness, waits and loose lead walking.

New Saturday Block Starts: Saturday 6th Feb 2021 – PENDING
Beginners: 9.30am
Beginners Plus: 10:45am

New Wednesday Block Starts: Wednesday 10th February 2021 – FULL
Beginners: 9.30am

HPR and Beginner Plus block: Wednesday 10th February 2021 – Spaces Available
Beginners Plus HPR:
Beginners Plus Retrievers: 9:30am

Course Length: 6 sessions fortnightly

Dog Help Gundog Beginners


Largely building on all the basic skills.

• Retrieve over distance and in more challenging places
• Retrieve unseen articles. Working a hedge
• Bringing in whistle signal on quartering
• Developing steadiness and stop
• Directional work
• Working off lead to heel

New Block Starts: Saturday 6th February 2021 – PENDING
Novice: 12 noon

New Wednesday Block Starts: Wednesday 10th February 2021 – Spaces Available
Novice Retriever: 12:00pm

Course Length: 6 sessions fortnightly

Fortnightly drop in sessions available – contact Penny for times and times.

Dog Help Gundog Beginners

Intermediate /Advanced

Progress on to higher level of attention

• Working off lead with distractions
• Hunting, stopping and redirecting
• Retrieving feather/ fur/cold game
• Long distance retrieves. Sending out in a straight line. Multiple retrieves
• Developing skills needed to work the dog in the field or to take external Gun dog tests with success
• Skills to attend shot and water workshops

New Block Starts: Saturday 6th February 2021 – PENDING
Intermediate: 2:00pm
Advanced: 3:15pm

Course Length: 6 sessions fortnightly

Dog Help Gundog Advance

Contact us below if you would like to book or require more information on any of our Gun Dog courses

Contact us about Dog.Help courses

UK Gundog Grading Schemes

New Grade Sessions: Monday 6th April – Please contact Penny for dates and times 

Penny is an accredited trainer with the Uk Gundog Club.

As such she teaches Grade 1 and 2 of the scheme aimed at encouraging owners to work their dogs. For more information on the grade scheme visit

Penny runs practise group sessions though the Spring and Summer ready for a September Assessment. One to one Grade training is available all year round.

Dog Help Gun Dog Training

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