Gun Dog


Below shows a couple of video's of exercises from the advanced course. Both dogs started at beginner level.

New courses

New Courses  6 sessions

New Beginner Foundation Course 9th September  9.30

Beg/Nov 10.45

Nov 12 noon

Nov/ Intermediate 2pm

For details of other levels please contact us. Classes run throughout the week also on Tuesday afternoons Wednesday afternoons and Friday mornings

Fun Gundog Training

Fun Gundog training courses are designed largely with the pet owner in mind, however many of our clients do progress to work dogs in the field. It is a good introduction for young working dogs to get used to working around other dogs. We do not use game or shot during the courses, separate workshops are held for this aspect. These classes are FORCE FREE. We use food and toys. We even play TUG!!!


  • Maintaining focus in an exciting environment
  • The Whistle for recall and stop
  • Retrieving. Basic principals of returning to owner and delivering the toy
  • Using play to teach your Gundog.
  • Hunting for something with the owner
  • Steadiness, waits and loose lead walking.


Largely building on all the basic skills.

  • Retrieve over distance and in more challenging places
  • Retrieve unseen articles. Working a hedge
  • Bringing in whistle signal on quartering
  • Developing steadiness and stop
  • Directional work
  • Working off lead to heel

Intermediate /Advanced

  • Working off lead with distractions
  • Hunting, stopping and redirecting
  • Retrieving feather/ fur/cold game
  • Long distance retrieves. Sending out in a straight line. Multiple retrieves
  • Developing skills needed to work the dog in the field or to take external Gundog tests with success
  • Skills to attend shot and water workshops