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A dog trainer for more than 20 years Penny has worked in the canine behavioural field in Somerset and Devon since 1996. She has a diploma in Pet Behaviour and Training with the Centre of Applied Pet Ethology (COAPE)and is a member of the Institute of Animal Care and Education.  Living in the  South Somerset area Penny takes referrals from all over the West Country. She is the advisory behaviourist for RSPCA Little Valley Animal Shelter Exeter Branch. She takes referrals from vets from Exeter to Yeovil. Most of her work is carried out from her training fields near Taunton.



Dog Training and behavioural work are so closely interlinked. One goes hand in hand with the other.

Within the home Penny can get an insight into the emotionality of the dog and the owner and from there she can help to repair relationships within human canine teams. No longer is it a question of ‘being Alpha’ in your pack. Relationships between dog and owner involve a system of communication, which both parties can understand. Once owner really understands dog and dog the  owner then partnership can flourish. Outdoor training becomes much easier as the dog works with and not against its owner.

Adopted dogs can be difficult to settle as they frequently arrive in their new home with huge amounts of emotional ‘baggage’.  Having worked with Welfare dogs for many year help is available. Penny is happy to talk to you on the phone and advise before arranging to visit you  in your home or meeting you in her field to work outdoors with your dog.

Where appropriate, dogs can join into organised groups for training or they can participate in a regular Socialisation class designed to help any dog who needs to meet others in order to understand canine communication.




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