Penny Hoare - Dog trainer

Meet Penny Hoare and her team

Hi I am Penny Hoare and I have been training dogs for 30 years. I have worked German Shepherds in Obedience, shown and bred Whippets and Labradors and, most recently, I work my team of Spaniels. I have a diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour and Training (COAPE NOCN) but my knowledge is regularly expanded upon by attending seminars and workshops, keeping in touch with the latest scientific finds and theorys of learning. Originally with a background in retail management, I consider myself not only skilled with dogs but I enjoy meeting and communicating with their owners too.

I work with my team of dogs and have helped many reactive, misunderstood  and frightened dogs over the years.
I was the advisory behaviourist for Exeter RSPCA shelter for 20 years. Here I have gained vast knowledge of rescue and welfare, working with dogs in the shelter and those who have a few special needs when they go into their new homes.

Working with my precious team of dogs, they have helped me to rehabilitate many reactive dogs over the years. Skilled in reading the dogs body language I can help owners to do likewise so they can better understand their dogs. All training is non aversive as I believe passionately that the key to resolving problems is by building a trusting two way relationship between owner and dog. There is no place in my book for bullying corrective training of any sort.

To find out about Fun Gundog, Obedience and my dog behaviour class just visit my pages.

Meet Alison

Penny Hoare - Alison assistant Dog trainer

I never owned dogs in my family as I grew up; it wasn’t until my children were at school that we had our Golden Retriever, Jake. When we moved to a larger property with some land and Jake was six and a half Bramble arrived; my first Pointer. Having done my research it was clear I would need to do some training with her, so we joined obedience classes.

Bramble was only eighteen months old when we sadly lost Jake but it wasn’t long before Binks turned up with The Pointer Rescue Service looking for a new home. He was 7 months old and from Field Trial lines! Not long after Binks arrived we started to foster pointers for the Rescue service. We have now had well over 20 through our care . I found Penny and we began ‘fun gun dog’ classes. We all love it.

2015 I spoilt myself with Clover, my third Pointer and my ‘ blank sheet’, that I hoped to put all that I’ve learnt from Penny with the other two, into practice. So far so good, she is wonderful and I don’t regret my decision at all!

I am looking forward to attending training sessions and seminars in the future to further my knowledge of ‘positive training ‘ and canine behaviour.

Alison has completed her coaching with Penny Hoare. Alongside her support during behavioural consultations Alison now takes  Obedience Classes and one to one  training sessions for young dogs and Puppies.

Meet Ali

Penny Hoare - Ali assistant Dog trainer

I first met Penny about 8 years ago after seeking help with my adorable but difficult Maybel a Spanish rescue dog and was immediately struck by her relaxed and positive training approach.

Bentley my Labrador arrived and I was keen to learn some basic gundog training and for the past few years have had lots of fun learning with him and we have both had great days helping out at local shoots. Dash …a ‘pocket rocket’!!! Working Cocker Spaniel is now a year old and is learning fast too although completely different to train…very frustrating at times but with Penny’s help we will get there. I was delighted when Penny Hoare asked me to help and will continue to learn as much as possible in order to become a valuable member of her fabulous team.