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These classes and group sessions are designed for pet dogs alongside working dogs at the start. The skills required at the start of their training are the same : Good recall, lead walking, stopping and waiting, maintaining calm behaviour and having a safe and enjoyable time outside on walks.

Our training is currently referred to as R+ which means we never use punishment or aversive methods when working with our dogs.

Group classes are useful for those with young dogs to help them learn to work alongside others, respectful of space and honouring the other dogs retrieve, skills needed in the working field.

The Introduction To Kind Gundog Training covers a broad spectrum of skills suitable for all ages and breed of dogs.  Following on from the introductory course we run a series of 1 and half hour sessions.

The Basics (Grade 1 UK Gundog Club grading) Pre novice, Novice (Grade 2) and Intermediate

These are for all breed types: Spaniels, Retrievers and pointing breeds and are held in our secure paddocks in Hatch Beauchamp.

We also run a breed type group sessions for Retrieving breeds and hunting breeds.

The session covers various aspects of gundog training without shot and in a safe environment.

Once your dog has grasped the basics they are eligible for any of our field sessions in various local venues. We hold both group and personalised one to one sessions.

Here we can work with shot, water, challenging environment, cold game where available and practise for UK Gundog Club grade 3 and 4.

Introduction to Kind Gundog Training

An introduction to Gundog training the kind way
Suitable for all dogs from 6 months.

A brief overview of the basics
● Introduction to Whistle work and Placeboards
● Walking at heel on a loose lead
● The retrieve pattern
● Introduction to hunting patterns
● The beginnings of being Steady.

New Block Starts: February 6th 2024 – NOW FULL

Course Length: 6 sessions fortnightly (1 hour classes)

Cost – £150

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Dog Help Gundog Beginners

 The Basics/ Grade 1 

Dog Help Gundog Beginners

Working towards our first level of Gundog challenges developing the skills from the Taster course covering whats required for Grade 1.

Course includes:
Loose lead walking
● Retrieving short distances neatly
● Waiting increasing duration and distance
● Developing a willingness to hunt with the handler
● Stopping on a whistle cue

£35 per session

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Pre Novice

Working from Level 1 to level 2 of our challenges.

Course includes:
Taking direction Left right and back
● Working off lead
● Extending response to the Stop
● Retrieving in more challenging environments
● Retrieving to hand
● Developing transition from hunting
● Steadiness


Dog.Help Go Image

Working to finish level 2 challenges (Grade 2, syllabus) level 3 challenges

Course covers:
Extending steadiness and distance on retrieves
● Blind retrieves
● Retrieves from cover
● Good understanding of direction and redirection
● Decoy dummies and multi drop
● Effective hunting stopping and retrieving

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All the above are without any introduction to shot. Shot will only be used at specific workshops at our other field venues or in one to one sessions for those who want to compete or work dogs in the sport.

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