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New Adolescent Course starts 15th September at 12 noon


Obedience Training

Obedience training is the next stage on from the Puppy course or for rehomed dogs who need to learn new skills.

  • Learning how to focus in exciting environments
  • Developing strategies to remain calm
  • Loose lead walking
  • Staying close and recalling when out in public places
  • Being polite around dogs and people
  • Playing with a human!

Having completed this obedience training course your dog should have a good foundation to move on to other fun ways to train. Penny runs a fun obedience drop in class for those who want to teach their dog more traditional obedience skills and other fun things which helps to mentally challenge your dog and keep them happy and interested, working with their owners.

Examples of the kind of things we do

  • Go around an obstacle
  • Go to a target
  • Distant sit or down
  • Close lead and off lead walking
  • Retrieving to hand
  • Distance control and advanced positions
  • Recall to heel. Recall with distractions