Dog help - Penny


About Me...

I have been training dogs for 30 years. I have worked German Shepherds in Obedience, shown and bred Whippets and Labradors and, most recently, I work my team of Spaniels. I have a diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour and Training (COAPE NOCN) but my knowledge is regularly expanded upon by attending seminars and workshops, keeping in touch with the latest scientific finds and theorys of learning. Originally with a background in retail management, I consider myself not only skilled with dogs but I enjoy meeting and communicating with their owners too.

Working with her team of dogs Penny has helped many reactive, misunderstood  and frightened  dogs over the years.

I have been the advisory Canine Behaviourist at the Little Valley RSPCA Exeter shelter for 20 years. Here I have gained vast knowledge of rescue and welfare, working with dogs in the shelter and those who have a few special needs when they go into their new homes.

Working with my precious team of dogs, they have helped me to rehabilitate many reactive dogs over the years. Skilled in reading the dogs body language I can help owners to do likewise so they can better understand their dogs. All training is non aversive as I believe passionately that the key to resolving problems is by building a trusting two way relationship between owner and dog. There is no place in my book for bullying corrective training of any sort.