Learning Social Skills Groups

For many years Penny has worked with dogs who display anti social tendencies with other dogs.  Not all the dogs are aggressive, some are just lacking in social niceties! The groups focus on teaching owners to read their dogs and to understand their limitations in a social environment. Most of the work is on lead and distances comfortable for the dog. The dogs may get an opportunity to mix where appropriate . The idea is that the dog is willing to listen to their owner in situations where it may feel uncomfortable or overly aroused. There is always training involved as the dogs need to learn alternative strategies to the ones they have thus far adopted. The world of canine communication is highly complex and beyond most of our human capabilities but there are times when a dog can give plenty of warning that it is feeling threatened. The human has to read that situation and work on giving the dog strategies to cope with their feelings so they no longer feel the need to be aggressive or show an aggressive display. This group is only open to pre assessed dogs who have worked on a one to one basis. All  training is without aversion.