Training Courses

Training Courses

We hold a variety dog training courses at our premises in Hatch Beauchamp near Taunton. From puppy training classes to agility and gundog training the emphasis is always on the dog and owner having fun together and developing as a team.

We believe in communication between a dog and its owner and developing that understanding and special bond through training with kindness and thoughtfulness rather than punishment training.


Workshops - we run these thoughout the year...

How to Use Clicker with your dog?

Learning why this tool works and how to apply it to your dog. Incorporating some learning theory and information to guide you . The Clicker is such an amazing tool whether you are teaching your gundog to retrieve to hand or your scared dog to watch you when it feels threatened. So many people say they tried this and it didnt work---as if it is some kind of remote control. Used to its full potential The Clicker method of training knows no bounds.

Taster Gundog Workshop

This workshop is for people who would like to have a go but are unsure if their dog will enjoy it. Aimed at pet owners it covers the basic Whistle recall, straight retrieves and a hunting game alongside how to get focus from the dog. Dogs may then be enrolled for a Beginner Gundog Course.


Interested in joining a course simply contact us through our contact page stating the course you are interested in.